The CALLING (continued)

See when you finally Understand your calling and when you finally know what You’ve been called for it makes things Easier and harder at the same time cause you finally know your purpose in life, even though you may not fully know what God Sees in You, But at least you know your Purpose.

You’ve Got to understand that at first your calling is not gonna serve you. You have to understand that you going to suffer because of the calling, and you gonna help people and they gonna prosper but you still going to remain in the same dimension you were in!! The road is gonna be tough as Hell and there are times when you gonna be angry at God, Angry at the world and angry at yourself. Ask me I’ve been there, My Mom has been there, she’s still there!! But you’ve got to understand that the Trials, The Betrayals and The storms serve has a road to Your destiny. I learned that the hard way!!


The Calling

Maybe at some point we realise our calling at an early stage, And to some it just takes a long time to realise what they are called for!! For me I always knew that I wanted to be around people Learning from them and impacting and influencing their lives in Some way. It has been a huge battle , battling around the CALLING and My Life on its own, Betrayal from loved ones , people I honestly loved to help and saw change in their lives and nothing makes me happy like helping someone else!!

We all Have been called, Cause WE ARE MORE than what we think!!


🙂 🙂